Visconti of Italy has just released its newest Limited Edition, a desk pen, stand and inkwell.

The pen with two nibs come only as a desk set and it is magnetically suspended inside a display with two dragons forming a circle. A cone shaped clear inkwell holds the dragons and the pen vertically

The pen is magnetically suspended inside a display with two dragons forming a circle, which represents the life cycle.
A cone-shaped clear inkwell holds the dragons and the pen vertically.

The body in red resin has two opposite nibs with which to write in two different colors of ink or in two different types of nibs.
Both the pen and the set are finished in sterling silver and vermeil, or white gold and yellow gold.

Visconti has gathered in the Alchemy pen the most significant symbols of the Alchemic Opus:

The figure of a snake eating its own tail. With this imaginary symbol the pagan world wanted to represent the perpetual movement of the world: the unity of everything (the circle), which is distributed in the multiplicity of its cyclic transformations (the coils of the snake symbolize the lunar phases), returns in itself (the junction of the tail of the snake with its head), thus reconciling the apparent contradiction between and the unity and the multiplicity.

Red color: Rubedo, or the final phase of the alchemic process or great work, consisting of the philosophers' stone.

Cosmic diagrams: from the Sylva Philosophorum. They represent the macrocosm and the philosophers' stone with their relationships.

Androgynous: gold and silver. The philosophers attribute the female character (the Moon) to the humid and cold matter, and the male character to the hot and dry matter (the Sun)

Alembic: the inkwell. It represents the laboratory of alchemy and the necessary work to complete the Opus.

EDITION: 1038 pieces Vermeil
238 pieces gold
MATERIAL: Vegetal resin
NIB SIZE: F/M or M/B 18 Kt. 750
FILLING: Eye Dropper


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Gold - 238 Piece Worldwide


Sterling and Vermeil 1038 Pieces Worldwide


Uncapped view of pen


Pen Stand and Inkwell - Magnetic