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The Wright Brothers: 100 Years in Flight



The Wright Brothers Limited Edition Pen honors the endless dedication of these two determined brothers, who stopped at nothing to succeed and make an impact on aviation technology and the human spirit. The painted barrel of the pen is a stunning recreation of Kitty Hawk and the historical moment of the first flight on that cold December morning. The land is barren and flat as the Wright Brother's plane tentatively sails through the whistling winds above, striving to achieve the unfathomable goal of a successful flight. Within the mysterious sky are the ghosted images of Wilbur and Orville Wright, observing their famous flight with proud spirits and honorable dignity. Above and below the painted barrel are sterling silver crosshatch borders, symbolizing the intricate structure of the plane's wings. The body of the pen is covered in textured sterling silver, representing the industrial aspect of engineering and design that made the first flight possible. Within the crisscross-engraved clip is a portion of the actual wing fabric of the Wright Brother's plane that helped it soar through the air at Kitty Hawk. This amazing piece of aviation history is a treasured remembrance of the twelve seconds that changed the world.

288 Fountain Pens and 28 Rollerballs
List Price: $3,900 Fountain Pen and $3,700 Rollerball
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