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Gen. George S. Patton



The Krone Limited Edition Patton Fountain Pen conveys the power, dedication and courage that this great military hero is known for. With a uniquely patterned Damascus steel barrel, nib casing and blind cap, the pen has a strong feel and bold design. The barrel is wrapped with a curve shaped overlay of sterling silver with a deeply engraved map of Patton¹s Third Army progression in the Battle of the Bulge, where the gutsy General¹s strategy and skill as a military hero shined at one of his finest moments. The outer edge of the detailed overlay has a sterling silver beaded border in relief, and the opposite side has a sterling tank, also raised in relief. The cap is a dark olive green with a subtle hint of metallic luster, with 4 sterling stars, lofted, and in perfect alignment. The clip features an enameled crest representing the 7th Army shoulder patch, which Patton proudly wore during the campaign in Sicily. Below the crest is an encased portion of this actual patch, an honorable relic and a piece of American history that defines the greatness of General George Patton.
Patton's reputation has continued to grow until now. He is considered by
many, the greatest military Commander in U.S. history. He was enveloped by his childhood dream of becoming a hero, and succeeded honorably with courage, strength, discipline and a brash personality that made him a
commanding officer like no other. In Patton¹s own words, ³Better to fight
for something than live for nothing.² And he did just that.

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