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The Freedom Pen


John Hancock

With great pride and patriotism, Krone commemorates John Hancock and his famous signature, which was the first to confirm our nation¹s freedom, with the Limited Edition John Hancock Freedom Pen. Encased in patriotic ribbons of red, white and blue custom acrylic resin, the Freedom Pen displays an exquisite panel of sterling silver relief, depicting John Hancock as he is presented with the Declaration of Independence by the Second Continental Congress. This monumental moment is forever still, capturing its historical significance as Hancock makes his mark on American history. Engraved below is John Hancock's famous signature, etched with accurate precision and exquisite beauty, just as he wrote it, centuries ago. The pen¹s nib is proudly embraced by the powerful claw of an eagle, the majestic bird that has become the country¹s symbol of liberty and freedom. Within the curve of the sterling silver clip is a priceless portion of John Hancock¹s actual wooden desk, where he sat and proudly signed his famous signature over and over again. The Latin phrase "E PLURIBUS UNUM" , meaning "one from many" proceeds this treasured relic, engraved into the clip. This significant motto was selected by the writers of the Declaration of Independence to be the theme of the great seal of their newly independent country. These three words encompass the ambitious goal of the Americans to create one united nation from many individual states, eventually resulting in the United States of America. Never has there been such a monumental pen, so dedicated to the significance of its own purpose. John Hancock¹s signature not only changed the history of our nation, it has evolved into the symbol of American independence.

288 Fountain Pens and 28 Rollerballs
List Price: $2,750 Fountain Pen and $2,550 Rollerball

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