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Indigenous People Collection

The Maasai, are names for the Maa Language. The rain god, Ngai granted all of the world's cattle to them for safekeeping when the Earth and Sky split. Legend states, " Without grass there are no cattle and without cattle there are no Maasai." Some Maasai individuals travel more than 50 miles on foot everyday. As all being of our world, the Maasai continue to live between the simplest way of life, directly connected to the Earth and the open Sky of human achievement. Delta celebrates one of the World's most legendary cultures with the collection of writing instruments that are as striking and unique as the Maasai themselves.

Fountain pens are available with 18kt gold nibs in EF, F, M & B

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Fountain Pen: Limited Edition with silver trim - $495
Fountain Pen: Special Limited Edition with vermeil trim - $625

Convertible ballpoint - : $245

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Special Limited Edition

Limited Edition

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