Indigenous People Collection
Inuit (Eskimos)

Delta¹s continuing zeal to celebrate the oldest and most authentic cultures of the World is passionately expressed in the breathtaking third edition of their Indigenous People of the World Collection.

Living for uncounted centuries in the frozen Arctic Tundra, the Inuit were discovered by explorer Sir Martin Frobisher, who was looking for the Northwest Passage in 1576.

Delta applauds the extraordinary Inuit People, their culture and their remarkable way of life with a collection of writing instruments that celebrate the human spirit and our ability to flourish even when facing "impossible" circumstances.

CLIP: Sterling Silver, Vermeil or Solid Gold Inuit Harpoon.
NIB: 18KT Gold engraved with Inuiti logo. Different versions have platinum or gold mask.
CAP & BODY: Hand-formed acrylic resins celebrating traditional Inuit motifs.
TRIM: Sterling Silver or Vermeil. Celebration has solid gold with solid gold central ring.
PACKAGING: Luxury gift box which converts to a picture frame.

Suggested Retail
Fountain Pen: Limited Edition silver trim - $595
Special Limited Edition with Vermeil trim - $695
Rollerball: $295

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Special Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Convertible Ballpont