New Ohio Collection

The Conklin Pen Company, in honor of the State of Ohio. Conklin's birthplace, introduces the Ohio Collection.

The Ohio Collection is made from a unique acrylic exclusive to Conkin, available in two stunning colors.

Each pen features the famous Conklin gold crescent above the clip. The fountain pen is enhanced with a 14kt gold nib, and is available in Fine, Medium and Broad. They are Cartridge/converter fill and converter is included.

Suggested Retail
Fountain Pen: $200
Ballpoint: $80
Call for Special Pricing and Availability

To order call (718) 434 3713
or email

Cardinal Red Ohio Fountain Pen

Cardinal Red Ohio Rollerball

Cardinal Red Ohio Ballpoint

Cobalt/Grey Ohio Fountain Pen

Cobalt/Grey Ohio Rollerball

Cobalt/Grey Ohio Ballpoint