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Mabie In America

Printing for the third and final edition of Mabie in America is complete and the book is available for delivery. The cost, within the continental U.S., is $49.00.

The book contains 253 9”x12” pages with updated information on many areas of the company’s history and over 750 illustrations. The writing instruments are individually photographed. The work is fully footnoted and the source material is documented. Reviewers of the first two editions have said:

* "meticulously researched...lavishly illustrated" - Michael Fultz in The PENnant
* "Truly a remarkable piece of work." - Len Provisor of
* "The first edition was very good. But the second edition makes one forget just how good that first edition was, because this new version is superb. Profusely illustrated, authoritatively written, this greatly enlarged edition is a must-have for any pen collector." - Richard Binder
* "Every page surprises you with the scope of the research and the wealth of information. It makes you wish that every pen maker had a book like this." - Ron Dutcher
* "The well-written text is carefully annotated, and profusely illustrated with color pictures of pens and other products of the Mabie companies...While Mabie in America may appeal most of all to pen collectors, it is also an important contribution to New York business history and to the history of the Mabies and allied families." - The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record

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Note Cards
10 Hand crafted Note Cards 4-1/4 by 5-1/2 inches
10 Envelopes
1 Custom cut quill pen
The paper used in the creation of these exquisite note cards is fountain pen friendly and works well with almost any brand of ink and fountain pen. They have been tested and performed well throughout.

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